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ALTERSKATE is a brand new new board sport to the skateboard market. Essentially it is, well an alternative skateboard. In no way does it replace a skateboard, we just think its more fun! On an Alterskate, you can jump, spin, grab, slide, and catch some major air.

The board utilizes a 'swivel' motion to propel you forward. With this fluid like motion, there is no need to push, and your feet stay securely hooked to the board using our patented hook porno design.

Remember, we are a newer company, and we are here to help YOU get one of these boards, and to get good. So Learn more ABOUT us or check out our GALLERY to see it in action. Keep up to date with our FACEBOOK account and we'll see you at the park!

Think you have what it takes? Seriously?
We are looking for people who can really shred on an Alterskate. This is a new boardsport and were putting together the AS team. Up for the challenge then check out our SPONSORSHIP program now!



Fan of the Month:
Justin Hoogeveen, Florida
Justin has helped build dolly track and film our first video. He has earned himself a free board!

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The Alterskate is an original, patented, quality board concept like nothing else around. You can carve, spin, grind, slide, and catch some MAJOR air! As soon as you get the hang of it,
you'll be 'hooked'.