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About the Alterskate   Quick Facts

Alterskate is a unique boardsport that looks like a skateboard, but is totally different. We invented Alterskate back in 1994 and have sold them on and off ever since. However, we went back to the drawing boards in 2011 and made some significant improvements to the trucks, bearings, and hooks which make it a whole new board.

We look forward to shredding with you at skateparks in Southern California or SHARING VIDEO over Facebook or YouTube. We are always looking for new tricks and searching for those who are worthy to be sponsored. If you think you have what it takes, CONTACT us and show us what you've got.

We appreciate our fans and the viral nature of the web. We look forward to shipping Alterskates throughout the United States. If you are ready for your new Alterskate, BUY ONE here and start practicing. We will see you at the park!


Established: Summer 1994

HQ: San Diego, California

Mission: To compete in the Skateboard market by providing a quality unique boardsport like no other around.

Target: Anyone that is looking for the next big board in the skateboard industry.

Sponsorships: We are looking for new riders to be part of the Alterskate Team! Fill out this FORM and we'll see if you have what it takes!


Think you have what it takes? Seriously?
We are looking for people who can really shred on an Alterskate. This is a new boardsport and were putting together the AS team. Up for the challenge then check out our SPONSORSHIP program now!



Fan of the Month:
Justin Hoogeveen, Florida
Justin has helped build dolly track and film our first video. He has earned himself a free board!

Get your Alterskate Now:
The Alterskate is an original, patented, quality board concept like nothing else around. You can carve, spin, grind, slide, and catch some MAJOR air! As soon as you get the hang of it,
you'll be 'hooked'.