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Think you have what it takes?   We want:

Perfect! Were looking for new riders to join the official Alterskate team. Just like any board company, they hire pros to market their product, show up at tours, help teach new comers, and of course, get free stuff! You will be featured in upcoming films, blasted with photos all over our website, and become part of the Alterskate family, shredding the streets everywhere we go!

We are looking for the best of the best. So show us you have what it takes by filling out this form. Remember to attach a home made movie, or some pictures of you riding your Alterskate. (dont worry about quality, just show us what you got!)

Fill out the form below and we'll contact you ASAP.


Energetic: We want our newly found sponsored team to be outgoing, energetic, enthusiastic, and super excited about this new product. Keep that in mind!

Unique: Pull out your bag of tricks, we want to see it! Being a unique and authentic rider is huge to us, so show us what you got!

Stoaked: Overall, wanting to tell people about Alterskate, no matter WHO they are. This sport is going to be spreading across the US, starting in California, and everyone needs to hear about it!

Outgoing: Not afraid of the camera. Ready to open up. Always up for riding. And able to perform under pressure. THAT is what we need.

Righteous: Dedicated to the cause, spreading the word. If you are as stoaked as we are about this new product, we'll be able to tell.

Think you have what it takes? Seriously?
We are looking for people who can really shred on an Alterskate. This is a new boardsport and were putting together the AS team. Up for the challenge then check out our SPONSORSHIP program now!



Fan of the Month:
Justin Hoogeveen, Florida
Justin has helped build dolly track and film our first video. He has earned himself a free board!

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The Alterskate is an original, patented, quality board concept like nothing else around. You can carve, spin, grind, slide, and catch some MAJOR air! As soon as you get the hang of it,
you'll be 'hooked'.