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How to get "Good"   Quick Tips

In this section, we'll teach you how to master the Alterskate. Like all boardsports, it take s a little bit of practice to get used to the movement and motion of the board, but once you get it, you'll be HOOKED!

1: Get your feet all the way in the hooks, while facing the Alterskate logo (doesn't matter if you are switch or regular) The more your feet are secure and locked into the hooks, the more control you will have.

2: Your front foot should more or less be "steering" and your back foot will be for balance. Find yourself a nice slightly graded downhill smooth surface, and start rolling.

3: Steer slowly with your front foot as you make your way down the hill. As soon as you feel yourself starting to sway or fall, try to straighten out your feet and catch your balance again.

4: When you want to turn inside, put your toes together. If you want to turn outside, put your heels together. Now, remember to do this slowly. All motions should be smooth and slow, no swift.

Don't give up. It may be a little frustrating at first, but you'll get it! Just like any new board sport, it takes a little practice to get a feel for it. So keep practicing, and check back this site often for more tips and videos.

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Feet: keep your feet in the center of the discs, and be sure to be ALL the way hooked in. The more secure you are to the board, the more control you will have.

Getting started: We know it may be tough at first, but use your balance instinct to keep yourself up. Use your front foot to 'steer' you around. Your back foot will be more for balance and control while starting out.

Get a push: Best way to start. Find a small area to practice (your garage will work). Start pushing off objects around the garage to learn the motion. See how many times you can go around in a circle.

Ask us: We are totally here to help you out. So if you have any questions or want some more tips, CONTACT us anytime!


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