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Photo Gallery - Who is Alterskate?

Over the last few months we've been preparing to launch our website. In order to do so, we needed some quality photos and videos. So we hit the skatepark a with a few boards to show the kids how to ride. These are a few of what we got. Be sure to join us at the park, and you too can make the site.

Alterskate Intro - Let the Fun Begin

Our first of many videos to come. Put together by our team, Jordan Siegman produced a great piece that demonstrates a little of what the Alterskate can do. We'll be creating many more so check often for the latest on sessions, events, contests and training.

Alterskate Old School Videos - 1994

As you may know,
Alterskate came out back in 1994. During that time, the inventor Jon Fiebing had a team of a few guys he could always count on to take the sport to the next level. He had a TV show that aired a few times a month. This is some of that footage. Check it out!

Think you have what it takes? Seriously?
We are looking for people who can really shred on an Alterskate. This is a new boardsport and were putting together the AS team. Up for the challenge then check out our SPONSORSHIP program now!



Fan of the Month:
Justin Hoogeveen, Florida
Justin has helped build dolly track and film our first video. He has earned himself a free board!

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